28 June 2007

My ability to spell in English gets worse every day. I´m learning the language better, I guess. Some days are good and some days are less good, but I´m really enjoying my time here. The family I live with is really great. I love my dona. She makes the BEST food! (and it´s all Portuguese food.) I´m definately not going hungry here. She is so cute too, she lights up every time we come home and talk with her. I´m starting to get used to her dialect, and I hope that I can understand her better soon. She´s so sweet and totally a grandma, there´s even a corner full of goodies that I like to pick at sometimes.
So some funny things have happened in the past two days. First, Tuesday night Rebecca called me up from the living room to come talk to her. She was SO excited because she discovered the hot water in the shower. Before this, we were all (except Ryan, her husband) taking cold showers, which did not make me happy at 6:30am. Oy. She figured out that you had to turn the nobbie from Verão (Summer) to Inverno (Winter) to get hot water. This was the happiest news of my life. Really. We told Irmã Maria this, and she gave us this look, as she was trying so hard not to laugh, that said ´´oh you silly girls´´.
Then the next day when we were eating lunch at a Brasilian buffet place, Ryan and Rebecca got these little cups of Brasilian lemonade. Then Ryan took a swig and then he kind of pursed his lips and we soon discovered that it was not, in fact, Brasilian lemonade, but an alcoholic beverage. It was so funny. It´s so weird that they have alcohol out for the public. We told Maria this and she laughed SOOO hard.
Things are going well here. Classes are hard, but I´m learning a lot. Everyone in the group is so great. Today we played basketball and soccer at the institute building. I´m really tired now. Okay, that´s it!

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