21 June 2012

Thursday Funsized

Yesterday I went to a Real Salt Lake game for the first time. I discovered a few things: I love going to professional soccer games, sitting by the rhythm section is really fun and I wish I were Latina and could join them, I do not like the LA Galaxy (although seeing Landon Donovan in person was really cool), and that trying to park before a game there is lunacy and I will get there earlier in the future.

It's time for Strawberry Days again in Pleasant Grove. You'll recall my experience from last year. I was reminded by picking up a gallon of Freedom Milk at the store again this year. (My milk expires on July 4. This happened to me last year. I love my Freedom Milk.) Now I need to go back there and ride the Zipper again. Who wants to come with me this year?

The Euro Cup is going on right now. Some of you may know that I get completely obsessed with international soccer events and the Olympics. (As in I will watch every game that I can, follow the stats of every game and yell at the TV.) Lucky me I get both this summer. Portugal is facing off this afternoon in the quarterfinals. I can't wait.

This article moved me and spoke to me. I follow this blog regularly and I have so much respect for Robert Krulwich. Any of you who related to my blog post of a similar vein will love this.

And finally for all of you Ryan Gosling fans or not-fans, this video is delightful. The boy could move better as a nine-year-old than I can as an adult.