29 July 2012


Well guys, it's been a good run without any injuries for me, but, let's be honest, we knew it wouldn't last long.

The long streak ended about a month ago. I went down to Zion National Park with some friends and wound up with a broken toe somehow. I blame my Chacos. (I'm not the huge fan that everyone else seems to be. Mine have only caused me pain. I've officially broken up with them.) We hiked up the Narrows, which is a river hike. It was cool and refreshing in 105 degree weather. And let me just say that Zion is so beautiful. I will go back there again and again. But I came out of the river, which was chilly, and my left pinky toe started to hurt. I thought my Chacos were just adjusted wrong, but no. Turns out I broke my toe somehow in the river. Some athletic tape later, and I was just fine. I enjoyed not wearing closed toed shoes at work for those couple of weeks. And it really didn't hurt, so it was no big deal. It didn't slow me down at all, thank goodness. We all know how much I hate being slowed down.

Well every Monday a group of us gets together to play racquetball up on campus. I am absolutely the worst one who goes, but it's always a good time and racquetball is extremely addicting. My friend Adam had pulled his hamstring at our stake kickball tournament (which we dominated at, just so you know) a couple days before. And I was sad that he couldn't play racquetball with us, but then I realized that he wouldn't be needing his goggles.....So after he gave me the green light I made my way over to his apartment. I was walking down the ramp, looking up and talking to a friend who was out on his balcony when all of the sudden, my foot found itself caught up in a crack in the pavement (This crack is about the width of a hand...not just some tiny crack. Please don't think I'm completely ridiculous.) Well, the rest of my body kept going and my foot did not. I fell down hard and heard that lovely popping noise we all hate to hear...

I ended up with some torn ligaments in my foot, where I had torn ligaments before. I've been healing fairly well these past two weeks and with the help of an ankle brace I'm walking around just fine. I hobbled around quite a bit for the first few days, but now I'm not even limping. YAY! Give me a few more weeks and I'll be back to running around like a child.

So the lesson I have learned this time: don't try and take advantage of your friends who are injured. You may end up tripping over yourself in a freak accident and tearing ligaments in your foot like a fool.

Today, I leave you with some pictures of my recent adventures. It's been a while since I've shared any pictures with you....

In June I went to my dear friend Emily's wedding in Denver. Isn't she a doll?

A couple from Zion:

This was totally unplanned. Probably the highlight of the trip for both of us.
 Here are some pictures from the kickball tournament. It was seriously so fun. I never knew kickball could be this fun.

We were so good as a team we even coordinated our standing positions...apparently.

My adorable roommate Audrey.
After poor Adam pulled his hamstring. I rocked the awkward face, didn't I?

We were trying to be mean. Notice Audrey's face. I can only manage neutral. She masters mean.

Don't worry we had a coach, Steven. He led us to victory.
And don't worry. We conspired to dump a cooler of water on him after we won it all.