16 February 2011

Help Public Broadcasting!

So one thing I love is public broadcasting. I grew up watching PBS (Sesame Street) and NPR (Car Talk) and I listen to NPR almost every day, at least on the good days. Life for me is so much better because of public broadcasting and I've learned so much through everything I've watched and heard. Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me keeps me current on current events, but also makes me laugh at the same time. This American Life warms my heart and helps me understand complex ideas. And Radiolab gives me a new perspective on the world and the people in it. And my sisters are addicted to Antiques Roadshow. Public broadcasting is all over my life.

Right now Congress is moving to take funding away from public broadcasting. This makes me very sad. So I went here:


and I contacted my congressmen and senator and asked them to vote to keep funding for public broadcasting.

I'm not saying that you should all contact your local government officials. It's your choice what you want to support. Thankfully we live in a free country. But if you support public broadcasting, let your congressmen and senators know. Maybe it will make a difference.

A few fun facts for you about public broadcasting:

Ode to My Space Heater

Space heater,
You make me warm.
You help me battle wet hair
And over-air conditioning.
Even though you make me sleepy,
You keep me happy,
Because you keep me warm.
Thank you, space heater.
I’ll try to stop accidentally kicking you all day.