15 October 2012

Stretched Too Thin?

So currently I'm sitting in the women's locker room at BYU, in my ballet leotard and pink tights, trying to seep out the last second of productivity before my ballet class.  And I just got back from the paper, where I had to wait around for the sports page to get done because a reporter got his article in HOURS too late. And before that I was studying for four hours, trying to get my seemingly endless reading done, as well as completing a midterm that could end up taking 7.5 pages of text, and later I'll continue working on a freelance job that has come when I have no time.

And I just had the realization that I forgot that I committed to helping a professor with his research. Blast.

It's going to be one of those weeks. Again. Again.

I keep hoping that next week won't be as busy as last week. Such pathetically false hope.

And I think it's so sad that I view the Texas Rangers losing in the Wild Card game as a blessing because I just don't have time to watch baseball right now. That is sad that this is the saddest realization of all.

But at least I like my job, my program, and my freelance job, right? Right?

And incidentally, I don't know how to punctuate anymore. Thanks a lot, AP and APA styles for ruining my perfect Chicago conventions.

03 October 2012


Grad school is exhausting. And super busy. And I always have work to do. And I'm always sleep deprived.

But it sure is good to be in school again.