06 July 2007

I wrote this on Monday 2 July.

Sorry it´s been so long! I promise to get pictures up soon, but the computer here is too slow, and I haven´t had time to go up to the Shopping to get internet time there.
Let´s see. Friday I took a nap!! Yay! I´ve not been getting sleep because of the crazy amounts of reading I have to do every day. Oy veh. Then we went to the opera! It was SO great! I loved being able to see such a good performance. It was really funny too. We were in the cheapy top top top top balcony seats, so I couldn´t really see the first Act, but that´s okay. The music was great. The opera was in Italian and the supertitles were in Portuguese, and I was thinking in English. Puxa vida! I was surprised at how much I understood.
Saturday we went to Campus do Jordão. It´s a kind of Swiss town up in the mountains (yes there are mountains) in Brasil. It was beautiful up there. We went up to the very top and you could see for miles! Of course there were a bunch of little shops to rip off all of the tourists there, actually the whole town was a tourist trap, but it was so pretty that it made up for the exorbitant prices. Then when we got down from there we ended up all splitting into groups. It´s been funny because the boys split off from the girls, it´s like we´re in middle school. Seriously. I had a great time with just the girls though.
I ended up spending the whole day with Lauren, Jenny, Diana and Hiedi. Lauren and Jenny both served missions so they were giving me all sorts of advice. Remember to bring handkerchiefs if I go somewhere really warm. I don´t remember when I´ve laughed so hard in my life than with those girls. Really. Our food was so gross at this Italian restaurant we went to. AND they charged us 4 reias per person for this horrible guitar player/singer who was background music. Apparently they like to rip of people at restaurants, because some other people in our group had a similar experience.
Campus is famous for sweaters and chocolate. So I ate some gooood chocolate. Diana kept packing in the sweets. I don´t think she ate anything heathy the whole day. We just laughed at her. Lauren got a bit annoyed because all the food she had the whole day was really disappointing. It was a great day. Although the bus smelled really bad on the way home. That does not bode well for our big road trips...
\n\u003cp\>Sunday church was great. The ward here is amazing. Then we ate lunch and I don´t know what I ate, but I got REALLY sick, and I think the ice cream had some really finely chrushed up nuts in it, so I was both sick and I had an allergic reaction. Don´t worry, I took some Benadryl and everything was under control, but I was really sick the rest of the day. When my Dona found out I was sick she rushed right over and made me some tea for my stomach (she also made some more for today). That woman is a saint, really. I am constantly amazed at the goodness and kindness of the people here.

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