16 June 2007

Going to Brasil

Hey all-

I leave for Brasil in less than one week. I can't even believe it. My flight leaves on 22 June 2007 at 2:59pm. This whole trip has sort of crept up on me in the past month. I have already done so much this summer. I started out by going to London and Portugal. Portugal was absolutely beautiful, and the history and architecture in London was incredible. I hope that Brasil will be a similarly wonderful experience. I also got to see the *ahem* beauties of West Texas when I helped my sister's family move from San Antonio to Lubbock. I was very impressed with the hospitality of the people in Lubbock. I also got a lot of time with my nephews, Ben and Adam. Last week was Girls' Camp here in my home ward. Those girls were great and though the bugs were swarming, I made out alright with only about thirty bug bites...

My friends here in Allen have kept me quite busy when I haven't been out of town. Already I've been to the Dallas Zoo, the Norah Jones concert (which was amazing), the Mesquite rodeo and Romeo and Juliet in an outdoor amphitheater. I will be sad to leave these great friends, but Brasil awaits!

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  1. Rad, you've had a full summer! We'll have to compare notes when it's all over.