14 November 2011


Yesterday my apartment was asked to do an "apartment spotlight" for our ward (LDS congregation). My roommates weren't super thrilled with the prospect, but I thought I would have some fun with it. So I wrote some limericks about my roommates (and me!). I thought I would share them with you.

Amanda has hair that is ginger,
Young men's hearts she tries not to injure,
Her disposition is kind,
She has a keen mind,
When dancing she tries not to linger.

Angela is one lovely raven,
French cuisine she's sure to be cravin',
Psychology she studies,
She's good to her buddies,
Her cooking transports you to heaven.

Our Lauren is prone to giggle,
When sleeping she tends to wiggle,
A care-taker pro,
To one's aid she does go,
Lauren's sure to never be fickle.

The limerick about me was written by my friend Chelsea a couple years ago, but I lost it and could only remember the first two lines and the fourth. So I made up the rest.

Laura is a linguistic RM,
Of her friends she inquires about men,
She reads lots of books,
And tells stories forsooth,
On her bike you can find her. Amen.

I hope that was as entertaining for you to read as they were for me to write...

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