05 September 2011

Introducing: Name Pending

So the last time I had a new computer I was eighteen. I remember looking around and figuring out exactly what I wanted. Then I waited patiently to get it. I honestly don't remember if I bought it in a store or if it magically arrived at my house via the post. But I do remember opening it up out of the packaging and being soooo excited. I felt like a grown up. I had my own computer, and a laptop at that. It was shiny and fast and it was all mine. That little Gateway was true and faithful for my first three years of school. I loved that computer. But alas, when I came home from my mission, the little guy was toast and bit the dust shortly after my return.

But my sister was kind and generous and let me use her old laptop. And it was a good little laptop. But then it too started to die. So my mom let me use her old laptop. And sadly, last week both computers pooped out on me right when I was in the middle of an editing job that had a hard deadline. So I used the computers up on campus, but they too were broken. Luckily, there was enough life left in Jen's old computer to see me through the job.

Well. It was time. I finally had the means and opportunity to get my very own shiny new computer. It is a MacBook Pro 15" and I love everything about it. I've spent the past three days playing around on it, basking in it's brightness, coolness, and the fact that I can actually unplug it. I've also been playing around with the touchpad. That thing is amazing. Seriously. This is what it looks like:

Yesterday I even FaceTimed my dad! It was delightful.

Here's where I need your help. I cannot for the life of me think of a suitable name for him. (Yes, it is a him. And yes, I like to name things.) I think I would like to name him after a notable scientist. Can you help me name my new arrival?


  1. What about Isaac Newton? It is an apple :)

  2. I second Newton - that's awesome.

  3. I would name it Steve. I'm pretty sure there's a notable scientist out there named Steve. :)

  4. Ramon y Cajal or just Ramon. Reasons: read my blog post about him (http://doxeydizzle.blogspot.com/2011/02/and-you-thought-science-was-boring.html)