14 March 2011

A Big, Warm Welcome to My New Addition: Stella

If you would recall my post of last year I had a rough time on a mere 20 mile ride. This, in bike world, is nothing at all. But I was pooped. Really. I cursed my heavy, thick tired bike (though dear to my heart, it is). I told myself that this would never happen again and that I would get a lighter, more distance apt bicycle this year.

Well I did.

And I named her Stella.

She's beautiful.

Want to see her? Here she is!

I really love her. A lot.

She rides like a dream.

I commuted to work today on my bike and it was a dream compared to the former commute that I had. The gigantic hills (yes, there are two on my way to work, my 10-minute commute) were a piece of cake compared to the former ride that I had, where I had to often admit defeat, dismount, and shamefully walk my bike up the hills. Shamefully I ride no more.

I love that the weather is nicer and that I can ride my bike and that I live close enough to work that I can ride. It makes all the difference.

And now my poor roommates, friends, and coworkers no longer have to hear about me talk about which bike I'm going to ride. I no longer have to go from shop to shop, trying out different bikes. I no longer have to go to online forums for wisdom and bike know-how. I can figure it out myself (with the help of nice friends and helpful pamphlets.

I love the outdoors.


  1. Where did you get it from? I may be in the market for a bike soonish. . .

  2. I got it at the Trek Store of American Fork. They were great. I would recommend them for sure.

  3. I am SO jealous of your bike right now. I want!