14 May 2011

All Forward Motion Counts

All forward motion counts.

The past few weeks I've been thinking about this idea. I had watched the movie Elizabethtown and one of the characters says this. I was riding my bike and it crystallized even more. Sometimes we see our lives in these boxes: what we should be doing, where we should be going, what we should have already accomplished. But the fact of the matter is that if we're moving forward (meaning a positive life direction, not a self destructive one) that's all that matters.

That's a thought I have often when I'm having adventures with Stella. As long as you keep moving forward, you'll keep moving. It's as simple as that. Momentum is paramount in riding bikes. It is what gets you up the hills and powers you down the hills as the wind sweeps through your helmet (because who has hair that can be windswept when riding a bike?).

Sometimes life takes us in a different path than we had expected. I know my life is different than I thought it would be. I'm so grateful to know there is a God who knows me and who knows what is best for me. My life is so much better and more fulfilling than I could have imagined it could be.

If we just keep moving forward than we can make it over the hills in life, even if it takes us longer than we would want or is harder than we could have imagined.

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