19 April 2011

Realizing My Dream of Being a Rock Star

So in our family home evening groups this semester we made music videos. We decided on "Separate Ways" by Journey (or rather, I decided on it and convinced the rest of the group that it would be epic). It was. Here it is. Please don't judge me too harshly on how I look.


  1. Anyone from the 102 section that sees this will be like, oh, yeah, she's all over the lip synching/full on belting of random songs.

    But where's your banana? I thought it was part of your schtick like Michael Jackson's glove.

  2. Laura, you would never know but I used to be a Journey fanatic... Mind you I am 20 years your senior... And you make a Rocking Steve Perry! Thanks for sharing. Even Tony thought ya'all did an awesome job! -Lisa a.k.a Jen's oldest Sister-In-Law :-)