31 December 2010

Happy New Year

So in true Thomas fashion we celebrated the coming of the new year by playing games. I got crushed playing Five Crowns. And my parents pretended we were on east coast time and went to bed at 11:00 p.m., naturally.

Every new year I wax quite sentimental. I am filled with all the hope in the world that the coming year will be magical and that I will experience so many new things. This past year has been one of quiet growth for me. I don't feel that a lot changed for me externally, but I am now a different person than I was last year, and a better one I believe. In our culture we get so caught up in the overt manifestations of progress: new car, new house, new whatever. These aren't bad things necessarily, but they can mask the beautiful subtlety that life can bring through the visually silent progress a person makes.

So for this coming year, I am filled with the hope that I can, like the Army always tells me, be all I can be. And I suppose, do all I can do. So here's to changing the world a little and to changing myself as well. Happy New Year everyone. May it be a year of growth and joy for all of you.

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