05 December 2010

Coping Mechanism

So for those of you who don't know, this has been the semester to end all semesters. Really. I had to withdraw from a class for the first time just so I could keep my head above water. (This is coming from the girl who, in times past, has taken 17.5 credits and worked 20 hours a week. Insane. I know. But I managed none the less and actually got remarkably good grades. Hmmm.) So this semester I'm only taking 12.5 credits and working oh probably 15 hours a week if I'm lucky. It's been ridiculous. I've spent HOURS on designing a magazine as a collaborative senior capstone project for the editing minor. It's taken over my life. (It'll be posted soon. I promise. And I'll share it with all of you.)

With all of the stress of this project I also have a Brazilian literature class that has been super consuming. We've read (or been expected to read and tested over) I would estimate 900-1000 pages. That's a lot for a class in your native language, but absolutely insane for a second language course. Not that it's been horrible. It hasn't. I've loved this class and working on designing a magazine. They've both been good experiences, I've learned a lot, and I've made good friends in the process.

But this all leads me to one thing: how have I coped with all of this. Let me tell you. One little word has changed the last part of my semester, when I could have been overwhelmed with craziness. But no, one little word has changed everything for me. What is that one word, you may ask? Psych. That's right, you read right. The one word is Psych. With a capital P.

This show is quite possibly the most delightful thing that has happened to television since I Love Lucy. Yes, that is how much I love it. So thank you Psych for helping me survive this crazy semester and bringing laughter to my life every time I watch you.


  1. if it's as good as i love lucy, john and i would definitely enjoy it. come visit us soon.

  2. Okay, sometimes I feel like we're the same person.

    1. I LOVE Psych. You have no idea. We quote it regularly in my family, and I own all four seasons on DVD.

    2. I gave my life to Stowaway last winter. Are you working on the same issue as Darcie Jensen? She was my IS buddy while we worked in corrections.

    3. I didn't know you loved Jewish culture (different post, whatever). My neighborhood here in Boston is full of Jewish families, and I love seeing them around the holidays. It's awesome.

    PS. Please don't be creeped out by my blog stalking. Anything posted on facebook shouldn't be considered stalking anyway.

  3. Allison: I wish I had all four seasons. That would be magical. I am not on the same issue as Darcie, although I'm sure she's fantastic. And I wish I lived in your neighborhood.

    Brooke: We are the same person. This always amazes me.