31 January 2012

Lost Folder, Found Time

So someone just moved or deleted the one folder that we store all of our course data in. Whoops. Fortunately our computer ops guys can get it fixed for us shortly. But in the meantime, I've finished everything I can without that folder. So why not say hi?

Have I mentioned that I started playing the guitar last year? My dear friend, Asia, taught me some basics last summer when it wouldn't stop raining and I've just been practicing and teaching myself since then. And I love it. It's nice to be able to learn something new, especially something music related. It's also nice to keep my dexterity up to snuff for when I play the violin.

Some things I've learned so far:

-Frets are fantastic.
-Playing and singing simultaneously is both hard and easy.
-I am much better now than I used to be. I can sight-read most uncomplicated music.
-The guitar is wonderfully complex. The more you delve into it, the more fun it is.
-I am not afraid to play and sing in public. I did my first acoustic night only a few days after I had first started playing. The audience was gracious enough to support me.
-I cannot for the life of me figure out how to write music. Sad face.

Take home message: the guitar is really fun and a great outlet.

Special thanks to John HVO for lending me his guitar, which I have named Bruce. I promise I'll return Bruce to you....

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  1. And thank you for YOUR guitar, which I have also been enjoying immensely. It is a great outlet. I am very high strung (no!), so it's nice to have a soothing instrument to play, and guitar is something that isn't quite as loud as the piano. Or the trumpet. Works better while kids are asleep than either of those.