25 August 2011

An Impression

Last night I saw my friend Ryan coming up the stairs. I exchanged pleasantries with him and he introduced me to his friend, Riley. I was pleasant and polite in my greeting. He then said, "Oh we already met. We watched a World Cup game last year and debated about the US team."

Then my memory came back. I don't think it was as much a debate as much as a heated debate. All I remember is being extremely annoyed and I might have even left the game to watch with some other friends.

But I had completely forgotten.

He had not.

Apparently I made quite an impression.

Good thing I'm so great at hiding my opinions.


Over a year later and Riley still remembered me as the opinionated girl that he bickered with during a World Cup game. Apparently first impressions really are lasting. I've grown since then, right? More tactful? At least that is what I'll tell myself.

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