16 November 2009

Types and Shadows

This past week we went to the Museum of Art on campus. I love going to those exhibits and this time we saw an exhibit called "Types and Shadows: Intimations on Divinity." It was profound. The whole exhibit is about how to look for the divine types and shadows that are all around us. I have always loved art and going to the museum reminded me of my art history class (it also made me miss it and want to take more...a common problem for me). But it was also such a moving experience for me. As we talked about the pieces and looked more closely at them, my testimony of the Savior grew and I felt the Spirit so strongly. I was touched.

There were a few pieces that touched me. One was "Devotion" by Ron Richmond. I loved it. This piece showed a woman from several centuries back looking intently at a contemporary-style vase filled with water. Looking at this painting I recognized the type of Christ. That He is the living water for all mankind. I loved the contrast between the centuries with the woman from centuries ago and the vase from today. For me, it made me think of how Christ is the Savior of all of us throughout all time. This woman was able to see the vase, or see Christ, though they were from different times.

Another piece that I liked depicted the parable of the Prodigal Son. That is my favorite parable and seeing this painting helped me realize how we are all like the Prodigal Son trying to make our way back to our Father in Heaven.

Visiting the museum was a very special experience for me. I was very edified and I saw the important role that religious art plays in bringing us closer to the Savior.

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