06 October 2009

In my Doctrine and Covenants class we talked about section 20, which is referred to as the Articles and Covenants of the Church of Christ. I honestly had never heard that before. I knew that verse 37 has the qualifications for baptism, so it makes sense. Learning about this made me reflect on my mission again. The Lord always works in a very organized way. On the mission there was a very precise way to do things, very specific rules to help us serve better. This is true for the whole church. Joseph was just figuring out how to be a prophet and how the Lord wanted it to be done. How great it is that the Lord gave him specific instructions on how things were supposed to be run. The Lord always tells us what He expects of us, rather than letting us wonder. Sure, we don't know everything, like what is going to happen tomorrow, but He does let us know what He expects of us. What a great pattern to follow. This section was instructions from a merciful Father, who wanted His servant, Joseph, to know what was expected of him, so that he could learn and grow.

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