07 January 2013

A head full of thoughts

Sometimes you get sick. And sometimes you start another semester of school while you're sick. And sometimes that day is just fine and nothing bad happens and you have a lovely dinner with a dear friend and yet when you get home you find yourself with a head full of thoughts.

And sometimes when that happens you turn to your guitar, Bruce, and you play and sing it out and that helps. And sometimes you watch episodes of Grey's Anatomy because it is pure escapist fiction and you have a parasocial relationship with the characters and you just need that. And sometimes that head full of thoughts makes it hard to sleep even though you're tired and sick.

But at least it's nothing more than a head full of thoughts. And overall life is good. And maybe sometimes it's good to have a head full of thoughts because it means that you're on to something. And it may just take some time to clear those thoughts out. But I'll take it. I'll relish in forward moving.

1 comment:

  1. "Nothing more than a head full of thoughts." I really like your last paragraph. I think I'll make a mantra of it (abbreviated, of course).