29 December 2011

A Tour Of My Desk

Well, I'm not good at taking pictures. Obviously. So here's the best you're going to get: Stuff currently sitting on my desk.

-Kleenex box (they're actually Kleenex). They save my life. I go through more boxes that most people. I have a lot of spills....
-Vaseline lotion. It keeps my hands nice and soft.
-project management updates on our progress
-yellow post-it notes pad
-aqua Post-It notes pad
-yellow letter-half steno-type notebook. I make notes at my desk on projects. I also take it to meetings with me as a show of good faith that I may actually jot something down...Often I don't.
-note to self about talking to Sara about a process
-BundAberg ginger beer (don't worry, non-alcoholic)
-broken lamp
-Texas Rangers hat
-thermos I use as a water bottle
-a clementine that I keep pretending I'm going to eat....
-microcloth to clean off my glasses
-cell phone
-work phone
-a bowling trophy for Jeff Barrus of the "Dream Team". Apparently he got second place in the summer of 2008 in the BYU student bowling league.
-token plant that I've nursed back to health
-white board with notes about projects I'm working on. It's complete with a picture of my nephew, Dean. (Other pictures would be welcome should they come my way....). Also a note that says "Serenidade Agora" from one of my student employees/friends.
-stacks of papers of former student employees that I need to recycle
-two stacks of folders that I keep avoiding
-the biggest canister of hot chocolate that I've ever seen
-white Christmas lights
-product information for my new iPod nano
-an empty bottle of IBC cream soda that my coworker discolored with dry erase markers that I keep trying to throw away, but I figure I should recycle it, but recycling is lame here.
-magnetic name tags of student employees who quit over a year ago
-two fans (I got rid of three others)
-a space heater
-the American Heritage Dictionary that I use as a foot stool
-arm rest
-wrist rest for my mouse so my tendinitis doesn't get too bad
-power strip
-my shoes (which are not on my feet)


  1. Holy cow - how big is your desk? :) I've been intending to send a picture of us, and I actually have one for you sealed in a Christmas card that I didn't send because I'm awesome. Or not. So, if you'd like, I can send you the late and now tacky Christmas card, or I can just send you the picture in a non-Christmas fashion. I'm the same way with recycling. Too many "heal the world" clubs in middle and elementary school......

    And who is Jeff Barrus and how did you get his bowling trophy?

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