30 June 2011

Fire Drill

Yesterday was a grimy day. It was overcast and the sky was brown. Yes, brown. Chalk that one up to the mountains.

Also it turned into a Utah hurricane. High winds. POURING rain. (I have never seen it rain that hard here.) Thunder and lightning. Yes, it can occur here. It knocked over a tree branch right outside a window at work.
And then, during the apocalyptic storm the fire alarm went off.

Don't worry. This has happened before. And it talks to us instead of ringing. Yep, it talks. The building that I work in is old and beat up and had to be grandfathered in so that we could still use it and is only still up because they promised that it would be torn down. Last time the fire alarm went off because of some problem with the ventilation.

This time, I think it was the apocalyptic storm.

So after insuring that my students made it out alive and after I was seen out alive by my supervisor, we all congregated under the awning right outside the building. We are supposed to congregate at a particular tree by the parking lot, a safe distance from the building. But no, no one was going out there in that craziness.

We all just tried to stay dry. I passed the time with the office manager, Wilda, a lovely woman who is the endearing grandma of Independent Study. She said she hoped something was wrong with the building so we could go home--and get paid for it. Now that is the person I want handling my payroll.

And then one of my students got sick on the grass as everyone was filing back in the building and I went back out to help her.

Not your typical day at the office. Let's hope for more fire drills because, hey, if we have to deal with all the construction and the agedness of our building, we should at least get to reap some benefits, right?

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