20 August 2007

Life on the Bus

I wrote this on August 3.

Well this week has been VERY full. Let's see, after I wrote you last, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner and for an all-you-can eat promotion. I ate way too much and too much cheese. It did not settle well at all. The walk home was interesting and suffice it to say that I'm glad that we left Porto Alegre the next day. It was far too cold, but I do like wearing beanies.
The next day we went to Florionópolis and the bus ride took a really long time. I was really nauseated from the Pizza Hut I think and spent the whole bus ride trying so hard to keep everything inside my body. The bathroom door was tethered shut, so that was not an option for me. There is a law in Florionópolis as well that a tour bus cannot go through the city without a tour guide, so we had to wait around for an hour to get a tour guide, who ended up being REALLY peppy. Wow. She had a really difficult accent to understand as well. We went to a couple of sites including a beautiful beach. Florionópolis is like the Rio of the South, so it has a lot of beaches. The city itself is situated on an island off of the coast of Brasil.
The next day I was feeling much better and we had a great day. We went to a fortaleza (fort) and went on this fun boat thing to get across the river to eat. That boat was a lot of fun for us because the driver guy had this really fun music playing. We were all dancing in our seats as the breeze blew by. We ordered our food from this little restaurant and then went on a hike! Really, a hike. We went all the way up the mountain/hill thing and that was a workout! Parts of it were really slippery too, so we had to be careful on the way back. I almost fell at least four times. It made for an interesting climb. Also, the view was beautiful! The food was great, except Jenny and Orrin accidentally ate our chicken, not realizing that it was fish, and we got stuck with their fish. Sick! There was luckily still some chicken left so I ate that. We then dared Orrin to eat the rest of the paste stuff they put on the fish, which he did. Don´t worry, I got pictures. Then we saw another little island that had cows grazing on it. the island was tiny and reminded me of England, with the rocks and the water rushing around it.
Then we left for Curitiba. We arrived that night and saw some parks the next day. It was pretty there, but the highlight was seeing the temple there. It isn´t finished yet, but they are working on the façade right now.It should be finished in a year.
We got back to São Paulo yesterday and a sinus infection hit me really hard, so I´ve been trying ot take it easy. We leave for Ubatuba (THE BEACH!!!) in less than an hour. We´re going to just hang on the beach for the weekend and it´s supposed to be perfect weather. I´m so excited!! I can´t believe that I only have a week left here! Time flies.

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